Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe

So here I am! In Japan, in Kobe, at the fabled Okura Hotel! Just wanted to post some pics!

Our view

A famous structure in Kobe, right next to our hotel.

Some crates and a the bay (as seen from my hotel room)

Nissan cube with the pillar on the other side since the driver is on the other side!

I promise tons of video when I have the time to figure this out! Sorry, I am taking tons of fun footage!


  1. i know nothing about cars but im happy for you that you could see cars you like.

    i like the 1st picture. it looks very neat :)


    P.S. Is Orsolya your sister?

  3. cool!
    i really like the building in the second photo, it must be funny to work in the middle floors (if people even work there) there would be a lot less room haha.
    Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Cunningham were both surprised to hear you were going to Japan.
    I'll be sure to check in to see if you have any new posts.

    i hope you figure out how to use Adobe Premier Pro soon

    be safe and have fun!

  4. Hey, WHAT IS that building???

    By the way, you took your backpack :)

    Also what's with that CUBE! Supras and Skylines please!

  5. Have you had any "Kobe Beef" yet??? You know, the ones that get a massage after their beer.

  6. So far I had a Kobe beef burger, which was 2 inches of thick, delicious beef. And today (which is tomorrow for you :P ) I had a Kobe beef steak that was so rare, almost 80% of it was raw.


  7. Did it taste like a Heineken or a Guinness?